How you can help!


Since the earthquake Nepal has never needed help with reconstruction and development so badly from the international community.

The earhquake has left entire villages in ruins and completely devastated. People are sleeping outside, many beneath tarps.

This damage will take years to reverse - far longer than the world`s media spotlight will remain in Nepal.

As a small organisation we appreciate your generosity  and are 100% determined that your donation will be received by people in Nepal who need it he most! Please read our "projects" section to see our previous work, what we are currently doing and what we plan to continue to do in the future!

With just 10€ you can provide 30 children in Nepal with their own toothbrush!



 Become a member


If you would like to support our aid for Nepal regularly or even co-create actively you`re dearly welcome to become a member of DESOCA e.V.!

The membership fee is 50€ per year and is reaching our donation account directly for the support of our aid!


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